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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Salem Witch Trials

Tis a strange and at times unfriendly world. As I mature :) I realize how the lowest common denominator applies to our thinking. In the Salem Witch Trials ,the people who suffered most were the vulnerable. All it took was  someone to accuse you of witchcraft and you were left to defend the charge. If you had a disability, were old, weak, crippled, or perhaps a widow you were a prime target. If someone didn't like you or had a grudge against you they simply accused you of witchcraft. People were superstitous, ignorant, and easily lead by others. I had ancestors on both sides of this fence. We are horrified as we read their testamonies and are repulsed by the hysterical wildfire that swept New England before more rational people stopped the madness, yet TODAY in Iran members of the Bahai Faith are experiencing that same kind of fear and hostility. Their homes are being burned, they are not allowed to go to schools, or take part in other normal activities and they live with the knowledge that someone might decide to accuse them and they will end up imprisioned, or dead. At the core is again is  ignorance, and fear, the same kind of hostility that is also affecting Muslims in our country, and the old,poor, and sick and disabled in other countries. Where is our humanity? If you are "different" what gives others the right to take from you, hurt you or deprive you of the basic human needs. Where is love thy neighbor?

 Hopefully the rational people of the world will again prevail and will rise up to defend the rights of those who feel their voice is not being heard. Let's not let the Salem Witch Trials happen again.
 Merry Christmas and wishing you and yours a brighter New Year.

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