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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trip to Maine

I wish I could report it is ME traveling to Maine but alas not this year. My daughter however decided to go to Eliot, Maine to Green Acre ( a Bahai School) and left early to give herself a couple of days before she needs to check in at the school . She is staying in Portland. We went there years ago with the children and she has fond memories and wanted to visit some of the places we went to as an adult. I am so excited for her. I belong to The First Families of Maine and have a deep love for the Portland area. Maine has a lovely Travel guide and map and with her GPS she is discovering Maine for herself. The Muddy Rudder, Portland Lighthouse, downtown Portland, homemade ice cream, seafood,  L.L.Bean and the sights and sounds of the sea....who wouldn't just LOVE IT!!! Oh yes, and the clam festival in Yarmouth...so many places I hope she enjoys.
 We are talking about renting a cottage next year for a couple of weeks and on this trip leave genealogy behind to just enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful parts of our country and it's people.
My thoughts each day dwell on Maine and what she will see and do....next year....it's my turn!