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maybe a steaming cup of coffee or tea and a smiling face that is intereted in sharing many thoughts....I have a curious mind and if you are reading this my guess is you do too...let's share a few minutes and some conversation as friends old and new.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pondering ...things friends and family might remember

Genealogy can be alot of birth dates, death dates and marriage dates but when you are able to find
some personal information....ahhh, THAT'S a real treasure! It is then you can get a glimpse of what your ancestors were like and what their everyday life was like. How exciting to find a newspaper clipping or an entry in a town history and find your direct line ancestor was actively involved in the life of the community or military or in business. Often you will read he ( not as much about she) was a respected
honorable member of a certain town, and it gives you pride to know others thought well of him.

What do you supposed they will look back and say about you? I think about that when I read about
Anne Dyer or Anne Hutchinson or Dr. John Greene, or John Sanford. I would like to think that some of their qualities were passed down through the generations but I also feel "No matter how tall your grandfather was you still have your own growing to do"

I think what I am trying to get across is genealogy has made me think about my own contributions to the betterment of our town, country and the world for today we have more of an impact on people and places in the world than those who came before us......in my view a GREATER responsibility to leave
this place better than we found it. I think of doctors without boarders, hungry children, people who have lost everything due to natural disasters,war, and other unfortunate events. Will my grandchildren say I was respected, honorable, some one they respect? Genealogy makes me think. Not only do I want my family to know their ancestors, but I want to leave this earthy life knowing they will carry a very positive memory of their grandmother to share with their children and grandchildren. I want to be on that list of ancestors you would love to have a conversation with in the great beyond. So, I will try everyday to put into practice those qualities that I respect so much in the ancestors I have gotten to know. They were not perfect but it is clear to me they had high standards and worked to reach higher goals.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Two Lessons Learned

It seems like this was a week I was to learn some lessons from Genealogy!

Someone I have known for many years called me and wanted to know "what it would take to do his genealogy"  I said don't worry about it as I remember many years ago he did something very nice for my then husband. I ask some initial questions and told him we would talk as needed. My husband loves genealogy as much as me, so we divided family lines and went to work. It was a very interesting family
but involved more French and Dutch names than I have done in the past so I found many new challenges awaiting me. I knew he had some knowledge of a couple of his lines so I conscentrated on lines I was fairly sure he knew nothing about. We worked steadily for two plus weeks and when I phoned to say I not only found lines we shared but many other interesting things he cut the conversation short by telling me he was going out to dinner with his wife and never returned the call. I later emailed him to ask for a time we could go over his genealogy and that email was ignored as well. It was almost as if he had a bright idea one day and called then sat back to await the results. A few weeks went by, I bought a 3"
notebook and found a picture to put on the front ...still no contact from my "cousin".
Finally I boxed it up, included a note that was civil but express my disappointment that he was so aloof
after asking me to do this project, and sent it to him. To date no response! There is a prayer I say that
is helpful in times such as these. it include "I will not dwell on the unpleasant things of life....I will be a happy and joyful being"....Lesson # 1

Lesson #2... I bought a very interesting book recently with alot of background on the people, conditions, and background of the people involved in the Salem Witch Trials. people, just ordinary people, and how disagreements over property, money, etc. expanded and how a small matter became a town hysteria involving innocent people who were hung...only to realize later they were not witches at all. My ancestors were a big part of the Salem Witch Trials. The Putnams, Susanna North, and Mary Leach Ireson to name a few. I hope the lesson I learned was not to "judge" someone else but to try calmly to sort out a problem before it becomes a big one. I like what Dr. Suess said..." I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind, Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have trouble with me!  On to other things!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trip to Maine

I wish I could report it is ME traveling to Maine but alas not this year. My daughter however decided to go to Eliot, Maine to Green Acre ( a Bahai School) and left early to give herself a couple of days before she needs to check in at the school . She is staying in Portland. We went there years ago with the children and she has fond memories and wanted to visit some of the places we went to as an adult. I am so excited for her. I belong to The First Families of Maine and have a deep love for the Portland area. Maine has a lovely Travel guide and map and with her GPS she is discovering Maine for herself. The Muddy Rudder, Portland Lighthouse, downtown Portland, homemade ice cream, seafood,  L.L.Bean and the sights and sounds of the sea....who wouldn't just LOVE IT!!! Oh yes, and the clam festival in Yarmouth...so many places I hope she enjoys.
 We are talking about renting a cottage next year for a couple of weeks and on this trip leave genealogy behind to just enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful parts of our country and it's people.
My thoughts each day dwell on Maine and what she will see and do....next year....it's my turn!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Isles of Shoal

Hi Friends,

I have been traveling so genealogy has not been my top priority ( that is until this past week)
Periodically I go over my research and look again at brick wall or dates, or add information on
individuals as do most people who enjoy genealogy. Well, this week opened up a very interesting
hole in which I learned about some colorful ancestors that lived on the Isle of Shoals, Me
I found out Nathaniel Foss from Rye, Rockingham, NH was married to Mary ( Molly) Tucker.
Following her line lead me to the Tuckers and Olivers of the Isle of Shoals about  6-10 miles off the coast
of New Hampshire and boarder of Maine. This was a rough place and the people who lived there were fishermen.
It is said Blackbeard honeymooned there and the men and women there were as salty as the surrounding sea.
Well, first I had to look up and read about these Islands and as the day wore on I found myself completely immursed in the Isle of Shoals and my new found ancestors. I know many people are delighted when they learn one or more of their ancestors had some wealth or prestige ( I have some of those) but these people were the foundation of a very interesting story!! What must have it been like to live off the mainland so isolated and exposed to the whims of weather, pirates, and well, my immagination was in full gear!
It is stories like this that make genealogy so much fun!
Friends sometimes you think there is nothing else you can "find" but if you are persistant...well who knows what you might uncover...another family another story it's all such a wonderful learning experience!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprised at Ancestry

I LOVE genealogy and enjoy teaching others to find their family roots. My husband ( who is also a genealogist) and I encourage our class to tune in "Who Do you think you are?" to see how they might expand their own
hunt for their ancestors. I so enjoyed season 2010 and was looking forward to another interesting season.

Last night we watched Steve Buscemi episode and were shocked  and disappointed at the HUGE gaffs in research and presentation. No genealogist amateur or professional would have let this air without some BIG changes.Please read the review by Janice M. Sellers "Ancestral Discoveries". She hit the nail on the head pointing out step by step where mistakes were made.

This does not help Ancestry's credibility to let such poorly presented episodes be aired. There were assumptions made and conclusions reached that went beyond reasonable documention.

I know they were hoping to draw in a new audience and make it as fascinating as possible but this ( in my humble opinion) was "rubbish"!!!
I hope other will express their disappointment to Ancestry and ask that future programs be more in line with the programs in 2010.
No one could be happier with a company that incourages it's audience to look into their family's roots and be a part of preserving history but this program will have a short live span if it continues to do such shoddy work.
PLEASE...ANCESTRY... get it together and give us programs that keep us clammering for more!
I am taking Janice's review to my class this next week to demonstrate POOR DOCTUMENTATION!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Help me, I'm New

My husband and I have been involved in Genealogy for (me 11years) for him alot longer.
At first, I was very involved in my own family roots and was ordering books and joining NEHGS
and family organizations totally involved in " the hunt"...how exciting! Next step... I joined DAR and became the registrar...helping other get their papers in order to join. Then a couple of my DAR sisters asked me to help them join other organizations and I joined the Mayflower Society. My learning curve expanded as I got involved in family
history in the south. I learned about migration routes and got familiar with ports of entry in the south. Then a school friend asked if I would trace her family lines...and still another good friend with an emphasis on the mid west. This probably sounds familiar to some of you.:) I went to a summer neighborhood gathering and a neighbor told me she has wanted to join DAR all her life...so, guess who got involved!

I am fortunate to be retired and love to research because more and more people are interested in genealogy and
once they find out about your interest...it becomes so easy to jump right in. I did some research with Afro-American genealogy....which was quite interesting! The "Who Do You Think You Are?" Ancestry program has inspired many to start the search so a hobby that is already #2 ( I think) is fast becoming even MORE popular.

The senior center asked us teach a genealogy class and we set a goal that no one in our class would leave without a fresh piece of information about their family. Our goal has taken us in directions we would not have thought. I have thought about taking a course to be a certified genealogist but I am concerned it would take
some of the enjoyment I have experienced away...and it might feel like a school project instead of the joy I have felt in learning on my own.

This week we start another four week class...I know as we sit around a table someone will say..."I have always wanted to know( fill in the blank) but I need help..you see I'm new! ( and we will be off and running again)
Has this been your experience too??

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

I LOVE Genealogy...I have learned so much about history,patterns of early migration, my ancestors (the good and not so good)and met online some wonderful generous people (some of which turned out to be related)

Valentine's Day brings forth thoughts of all the people in my heritage, and how much I enjoy spending time learning about them. It like a special love note when I send for some information and it arrives in the mail.
Unfortunately I do not have as many pictures of my ancetors as others have but I do have a picture of their character. It was through my grandparents (mainly paternal) interest in following their roots that gave me a head start in my quest to trace family roots. Today, with all the online help (Ancestry, NEHGS, Rootsweb,family Surname queries and books, etc) expanding the work my grandparents did has been a bit easier than spending time in drafty courthouses pouring over records and stomping through cemeteries trying to find and read tombstones. How I wish my grandparents could see just how expansive and fascinating their heritage is...but
then they may have met them on another heavenly plain.

I want to give a computer flower (got to learn how to make them) to all those kind and thoughful people who
 take/send pictures of gravestones, who do look ups, who check and photo copy records, who plan and are responsible for family reunions, record in book form family information, maintain cemeteries, keep up with decendants through Family Societies and keep history alive and available for all of us to enjoy.

Like many of you...I look forward to each week when "Who Do You Think You Are?" is on TV and you
learn about someone else's quest for family information. We appreciate the considerable work behind
the scenes and all the people involved to make each week look as easy as it appears.
I am delighted it has brought a greater interest to finding and preserving family histories.

I am feeling sentimental today...and would love to give a HUG to each of you who read blogs
and take the time to comment....how much richer I am for the input you are kind enough to give.
Hearts and flowers go out to YOU!!! Happy Valentines Day !!