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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Bushel of Yankees

I come from 16+ generations of New Englanders and seem to be connected to everyone with roots in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island around the 1600's . Over the years I have joined several groups like DAR
Mayflower Society and helped others in their quest to join. Their families may be SOUTHERN (they think) but
many  begin back in the north east. Many churches sent their missionaries south to teach the Indians and others moved south for land and new opportunities. It is interesting to learn the patterns of migration. For those who think they don't have "damn yankees"  ancestors...they might want to check their own heritage. Many English families are found in North and South. Gordons, Dyers,Browns,Moores,Vinings,Holmes, to name a few. It is also interesting to learn not everyone who lived in the south fought for the Confederacy...whole counties and certainly families were ripped apart by their divided loyalities and to this day some are still holding on to those beliefs. Our 1st mayor was born in NH and married a southern woman. During the war between the states they left the south and went to stay with a son. A Congregational church from Dorchester, Ma sent a rather large number of their parishioners south and they ended up in Liberty, Ga. My ancestors however, stayed in New England and just about all my personal  family research has been centered there. I am greatful for New England Historical, it has been a great resource for me. If you have ancestors from any of the states I mentioned let me know ...who knows we might find we are cousins !!!

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  1. If you have Mayflower ancestors, and family involved in the Salem Witch trials (your last post) we are probably cousins. I have loads of both of those, and I was born in Massachusetts so my genes haven't strayed very far.