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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How can one ancestor be such a worry?

and the answer is....... he is a BROWN. OH those Browns, Smiths and all the other VERY COMMON names
( with no middle name)  I have been searching for his parents for YEARS. Samuel H. Brown was born in Maine 10 Sep 1814( where?    is a mystery) a ships carpenter married twice and died in Yarmouth Cumberland Maine. I have been to his grave and there he is with two wives #1 Alphonsa Drinkwater with a baby's grave beside and #2 ( my line) Sarah Mariah True ( now here's where it gets good) and beside his grave and his wives graves Rebecca Brown. OH you say Rebecca is obviously his mother. The dates are right...Rebecca Brown b. 1788 and d. 25 Mar 1854 . I have hunted all over Maine and in every place I can think of for Samuel and Rebecca. His first wife died 12 Sep 1849
and most likely died in childbirth or shortly after. The Drinkwater family was a VERY well known family ( ship builders and Mariners) but Alphonsa is not well known to the ones I contacted. The Trues owned a mill in Yarmouth and I have traced this line but again not much said about Mariah and her husband Samuel Brown. They had two sons and the first son Willie ( William) was a sailor who disappears rather early in his life. The 1850 Census has Samuels but NOT my Samuel.(or Rebecca) I have been to the State archives in Augusta and talked with a Brown expert ...no luck. At one point I was so desperate I wrote EVERY Brown in North Yarmouth hoping someone might be able to give me some information...nothing. I believe now I have connected him to a Brown family in Greene Maine but it's a Rachel not Rebecca and it only my theory...no factual information.
Oh where oh where has my grandfather (grgr) gone oh Where oh where can he be? ( in the records)
When I get to the next world WE are going to have a talk!!!!! ( how dare he hide from me all these years)
His is and most likely will always be my man of mystery.

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