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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprised at Ancestry

I LOVE genealogy and enjoy teaching others to find their family roots. My husband ( who is also a genealogist) and I encourage our class to tune in "Who Do you think you are?" to see how they might expand their own
hunt for their ancestors. I so enjoyed season 2010 and was looking forward to another interesting season.

Last night we watched Steve Buscemi episode and were shocked  and disappointed at the HUGE gaffs in research and presentation. No genealogist amateur or professional would have let this air without some BIG changes.Please read the review by Janice M. Sellers "Ancestral Discoveries". She hit the nail on the head pointing out step by step where mistakes were made.

This does not help Ancestry's credibility to let such poorly presented episodes be aired. There were assumptions made and conclusions reached that went beyond reasonable documention.

I know they were hoping to draw in a new audience and make it as fascinating as possible but this ( in my humble opinion) was "rubbish"!!!
I hope other will express their disappointment to Ancestry and ask that future programs be more in line with the programs in 2010.
No one could be happier with a company that incourages it's audience to look into their family's roots and be a part of preserving history but this program will have a short live span if it continues to do such shoddy work.
PLEASE...ANCESTRY... get it together and give us programs that keep us clammering for more!
I am taking Janice's review to my class this next week to demonstrate POOR DOCTUMENTATION!


  1. Hi Joan, I would love to read the review, but don't see the link. Could you post it please. Many thanks.

  2. Barbara, here is the link:

    Joan, I agree with you. I would bet, though, that even though they are a major sponsor that Ancestry has little to nothing to do with the editing of the show. Of course they could pull their sponsorship but WDYTYA is a not only a sponsorship but a big fat plug for Ancestry.com. In fact, that was one of the things I found disheartening about the show...all the product placement for Ancestry. They make it seem like the only website to research on!