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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

I LOVE Genealogy...I have learned so much about history,patterns of early migration, my ancestors (the good and not so good)and met online some wonderful generous people (some of which turned out to be related)

Valentine's Day brings forth thoughts of all the people in my heritage, and how much I enjoy spending time learning about them. It like a special love note when I send for some information and it arrives in the mail.
Unfortunately I do not have as many pictures of my ancetors as others have but I do have a picture of their character. It was through my grandparents (mainly paternal) interest in following their roots that gave me a head start in my quest to trace family roots. Today, with all the online help (Ancestry, NEHGS, Rootsweb,family Surname queries and books, etc) expanding the work my grandparents did has been a bit easier than spending time in drafty courthouses pouring over records and stomping through cemeteries trying to find and read tombstones. How I wish my grandparents could see just how expansive and fascinating their heritage is...but
then they may have met them on another heavenly plain.

I want to give a computer flower (got to learn how to make them) to all those kind and thoughful people who
 take/send pictures of gravestones, who do look ups, who check and photo copy records, who plan and are responsible for family reunions, record in book form family information, maintain cemeteries, keep up with decendants through Family Societies and keep history alive and available for all of us to enjoy.

Like many of you...I look forward to each week when "Who Do You Think You Are?" is on TV and you
learn about someone else's quest for family information. We appreciate the considerable work behind
the scenes and all the people involved to make each week look as easy as it appears.
I am delighted it has brought a greater interest to finding and preserving family histories.

I am feeling sentimental today...and would love to give a HUG to each of you who read blogs
and take the time to comment....how much richer I am for the input you are kind enough to give.
Hearts and flowers go out to YOU!!! Happy Valentines Day !!

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