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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pondering ...things friends and family might remember

Genealogy can be alot of birth dates, death dates and marriage dates but when you are able to find
some personal information....ahhh, THAT'S a real treasure! It is then you can get a glimpse of what your ancestors were like and what their everyday life was like. How exciting to find a newspaper clipping or an entry in a town history and find your direct line ancestor was actively involved in the life of the community or military or in business. Often you will read he ( not as much about she) was a respected
honorable member of a certain town, and it gives you pride to know others thought well of him.

What do you supposed they will look back and say about you? I think about that when I read about
Anne Dyer or Anne Hutchinson or Dr. John Greene, or John Sanford. I would like to think that some of their qualities were passed down through the generations but I also feel "No matter how tall your grandfather was you still have your own growing to do"

I think what I am trying to get across is genealogy has made me think about my own contributions to the betterment of our town, country and the world for today we have more of an impact on people and places in the world than those who came before us......in my view a GREATER responsibility to leave
this place better than we found it. I think of doctors without boarders, hungry children, people who have lost everything due to natural disasters,war, and other unfortunate events. Will my grandchildren say I was respected, honorable, some one they respect? Genealogy makes me think. Not only do I want my family to know their ancestors, but I want to leave this earthy life knowing they will carry a very positive memory of their grandmother to share with their children and grandchildren. I want to be on that list of ancestors you would love to have a conversation with in the great beyond. So, I will try everyday to put into practice those qualities that I respect so much in the ancestors I have gotten to know. They were not perfect but it is clear to me they had high standards and worked to reach higher goals.

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  1. I love finding these stories. I once found in a newspaper that my great great grandmother was badly bitten by a dog when she was just 7 or 8 years old. She was walking home from Sunday School.

    Regards, Jim
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