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Friday, November 19, 2010

FOUND...what a surprise!!

I had been doing genealogy for some time when, I received a phone call from my daughter.
She told me she had something she wanted to give me. We arranged to meet for lunch and as I put down the phone I noted she seemed especially excited about "something".

I will back up and tell you my maternal grandmother lived with us for several years after the death of my grandfather. In her dresser were pictures, a bible, letters and other momentos that were dear to her.
When my mother passed away, my sister and I had to go through not only my mother's things but Gramma's
room as well. If you have ever had to do this, you know it can be daunting. I had things I wanted to take home and my sister had things and many things did not seem very important as the work progressed.

In the years after, I moved, divorced, and things got boxed up, some things were never found again and in all honesty I forgot about things like yearbooks,and other items I now treasure as a genealogist.

Our lunch was special because my daughter had 'found" a friendship book belonging to my gr grandmother
(my grandmother's mother) and knowing it's importance to me, she presented it with a huge smile at the end of our meal. WOW!!! a friendship book....it was faded and worn but I was actually holding something that was my
gr grandmother's ! It might contain leads to other discoveries.
In our throw away society, coming across a friendship book or some other ancestor's belonging can be so very special. I hope you have such an experience in your lifetime! Tell me about a discovery you made in an old trunk, box, or attic.

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  1. I found an old wooden, writing box that my mother had after she passed away. At first I thought that it was hers but the more I looked at what was in it, I now believe that it probably belonged to my grandmother. There were two sides to this box and each held it own surprises. The first side that I opened had an old handpainted pin. I thought that I had recognized it and started looking at some of my grandmothers pictures. Sure enough I did find it pinned on my Gr grandmothers (my mom's side) dress - what a surprise and a treasure. There were also many senior calling cards, letters, programs and articles from papers. In the second side I found my gr grandmothers dance cards from 1876 with little pencils, Eastern Star pins that were my gr grandmothers, and a diary!! that was my mothers from I think college days. It was so much fun to read through it and see what my mom thought was important, who she was dating, parties and friends she wrote about. The box itself would have bben a wonderful find but what was in it was irreplaceable. I am thankful that my youngest son, Kevin, is interested in this kind of thing too and the genealogy I have been doing. I feel good knowing that it will be handed down and taken care of rather than just passed by and possible thrown away. Just knowning these things have lasted as long as they have is so rewarding. Hope you too have some treasure from family members.